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The Wilder Saga: BOOk One 


In the four kIngDOMS,
BEaSts r
UlE the thrOnes
and witches hide in the dark


Rosalie is thrown into the world of Wilder, where shapeshifting kings and immortal beings are on the brink of war with the Tarsai - witches who are intent on burning down the heart of their world. Alone and terrified, Rosalie must blend in, but how can she navigate a world of beasts when she doesn't know who to trust?

Drawn even deeper into their world Rosalie's own fate is tangled to Lowe - the Wilder man whose tie to her is written in blood. Her wish is protection and his own is silence for the crime he has committed.

But how many secrets must Rosalie keep when it means doing so prevents her from returning home and leaving behind a chance at love?



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